Go for the properties that have a long term value

Depending on the profile of the investor, the state of the economy and, of course, the resources available, the range of investment possibilities may open or end. Anyway, regardless of particularities, a very democratic type of investment with excellent options is real estate.But the truth is that buying a property through quadwalls for investment definitely have a considerable weight. That is why knowing exactly how to buy the right property is a crucial factor for the success and profitability of the action. Read the below tips:

Study the target audience and their goals

In practice, the rule is basic for any investment: before applying your money, define very well what you want to achieve so that the investment meets its initial objectives. Thus, if you want to have a higher profitability and in a short time, you will need to buy a property for quick resale – which usually consists of acquiring properties considered to be good opportunities, renovating them and then selling them. If the objective is to have a fixed extra income, the ideal is to acquire a property to rent.

Consider the different options

Buying a used property is a good option especially if you are willing to renovate it, valuing the property to ensure a more affordable resale or even to leverage the rent. A new property, although more expensive, is ideal for a lease with more quality and a higher price. A property in the plant, on the other hand, is an acquisition with practically certain appreciation.

Return on investment

You are likely to come across several attractive opportunities that seem equally advantageous. Think of the profitability between 0.5% of the rental of the property or another option is the valuation of the asset for resale. There you need to analyze not only the price obtained, but also the time until the sale itself. If that is your intention, know that liquidity is important and it is more worthwhile to have a little less profitability in exchange for a faster process with more money flow for your investment.

Invest only the fair and necessary value

As attractive as buying a property as an investment may be, you must be very careful when defining the amount to be applied. After all, the investment should serve to increase your equity and not to cause difficulties in your financial life.

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