Real Estate Leasing Made Easy

A moderate single-family house with 1500 sq. ft of living space and a nice curb appeal in a quiet suburb. A spacious backyard, fireplace and two built on site garages with plenty of storage shelves. You are the homeowner/investor of this property looking to rent out a portion – around 500 sq. ft with shared amenities – to the best available tenant out there who will pay the rent on time and keep the place clean as well. If you want to learn some tips and ideas to make this happen without hassles, read ahead.

Professional Presentation

Never present your place with a negative information on the first line. This can easily turn down the renter before he or she reads any further. They are okay as long as all positive information have been revealed. Again, too much enthusiasm in every sentence that you write in the description will sound peachy and make your credibility crack. Your tone of explanation should be moderate, so drop any arrogant or inflexible statements. For example, don’t write something like, “Take it or drop it”, or “You are free to do whatever you want”. Renters may take it literally and may not be able to resist the urge to trash the place. Renters would naturally ask, “How long have you been renting the place?”. The best thing to answer this question is by saying, “I’m growing”, or “I entered the activity this past year”. What they are really asking is for deals since they sensed that you are new to the renting business. They want to see how competent you are in handling the situation. This is an important matter to all first time landlords who want to sublet their properties. They need reassurance that your place is safe and offers what is in detail. Give it to them. Your tone in your answer should indicate that you have made a lot of money with renting to other people.

Technology to The Rescue

No one wants to take the trouble of meeting and greeting the host in this busy world. The renters just want to hit the sack after a tiring day at work. You and your potential renter can email back and forth as much as you want and convey all the information they need. But there is no reason to go out and show them the space or property in person. So, why not make use of the technology? Accommodate the check-in and check-out process on the internet. Install key-less entry door locks. Email any instruction that you need to give out. The secret of success as a landlord with high tenant turnover is effective remote preparation. The secret to this preparation is doing it on a regular basis for all the renters you may encounter. You must prepare for a range of opportunities here. In the end, after they move out, ask politely to review their experience. Through positive and detailed reviews, you climb there rung by rung.

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