So You’re Thinking of Becoming a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate is one of the best ways to build wealth. Though the real estate market suffered a black-slide in the 2008, real estate stands to be one of the best ways to invest in one’s future. If you’re thinking of getting into real estate an important question to ask yourself is what role would you like to play in this field. There are different career avenues you can take in real estate and all have proven to be very lucrative. If you’re one that wants to know the ins and outs of real estate from every corner then you might be the perfect fit for a real estate agent or realtor. One thing to consider when deciding to become an agent is the difference between a real estate agent and realtor.┬áIf you have a real estate license then that constitutes as a real estate agent, however to become a realtor you must be a member of the National Association Of Realtors which means you are required to uphold the standards of the association and code of ethics.

One of the many struggles some agents have in the beginning of their careers is just figuring out what they want to do with their license. There are so many different approaches that can be taken from property management to luxury real estate. To take it up even a notch, are you looking to work with buyers only, Sellers or both? These are great questions to ask in the beginning. This will help create a path for you to take and help to give you a target market. Though you are not likely to stick solely with move target market, it’s a great move if you’re just starting and looking to build up your clients.

If you’re like many other real estate agents you have envisioned working to help buy or sell extravagant real estate properties. Who wouldn’t want a bigger commission, right? Getting into Luxury real estate can be very challenging. It’s very important that you work for a Luxury real estate company with experience in selling luxury properties. While there I would highly recommended finding a mentor or joining a team that will allow you the opportunity to grown and perfect your skills. Keep in mind one things when working in luxury real estate, the checks are great when the checks are coming in, however it is important to plan for the down time in between then. Depending on where you live the demand for those properties may very which is similar to commercial real estate.

If you have decided after reading this that you would like to become a real estate agent or maybe you already are and are just new, congratulations! You have picked one of the most fulfilling careers and one thing is for sure, real estate will always be here and with that there will always be a need for real estate agents. In the words of the famous Dori from Disney, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

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