Enhance your exterior by using wood in unexpected places  

Modern homes with clean lines and simple designs are growing in popularity.

Elegant exterior wooden elements are attributes that are commonly requested and sought after by homeowners and homebuyers.

Designing your exterior with wood provides a finish that is elegant and looks natural in its surroundings. Today, it is possible to use wood in the most unexpected places and in the most artistic way. When doing so, it is essential to pick the right type of wood material that is durable and can withstand the effects of natural elements and surroundings: UV, rain, and snow. Here are a few ideas of incorporating wood into your home exterior.

Rainscreens and Wood Siding

Wood siding exteriors will leave a lasting impression on passers by when designed with aesthetic care. It allows your property to stand out in the neighbourhood and have a distinct look. The combination of the natural coloring of the wood and the clean look of glass on your home will give it a modern finish.

Architectural elements

Add unique details of wood that together create a new design dimension of your home. Wood materials added to your exterior celebrate the balance between the natural and built environments. Enhancing your home with wooden architectural elements such as brise soleil will set your property apart from others. It also reduces sun gain and reduces your cooling costs.

Natural Wood Permeable Pavers

Lastly, go for something unexpected like natural wood permeable pavers on your driveway. In the past few years in the architectural design world permeable wood pavers have been up and coming when designing urban green spaces and green rooftops. Due to its natural beauty and easy installation, homeowners are now catching on to the architectural and landscape design trends. However, by utilizing the right type of wood material, such as Black Locust you may achieve durability and the highest level of sustainability.

Black Locust Lumber is a global corporation with sawmills and supply operations across multiple continents. The company has a zero-waste policy in manufacturing sustainable wood products made of Black Locust. Black Locust is a non-tropical hardwood with a natural longevity of 50+ years, it is an organic product that does not require treatment to enhance its longevity and durability. It has water-resistant, rot-resistant and anti-fungal properties without the help of chemicals.

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