3 Benefits From Using Spray Insulation in the Home

When remodeling or building a new residence, your building contractor will make recommendations concerning the types of insulation for your consideration. Insulation helps keep your home warm and cool depending on the weather, but it does much more than that. In addition, two common types of insulation materials exist for use in residential projects, including fiberglass and spray insulation, also called spray foam insulation. Many homeowners choose spray insulation for these three excellent benefits for home insulation projects.

Reduces Moisture

A big issue that homeowners face concerns keeping moisture out of the home. Too much moisture buildup in heavily used rooms, like the kitchen, bathroom and basement, can lead to mold and mildew formation. Both pose health risks for the home occupants, so it makes sense to eliminate any moisture leaks to reduce the likelihood of these contaminants encroaching on your home space. Specifically, spray foam insulation provides waterproof protection, thereby helping to eliminate this common home issue.

Reduces Air Loss

Spray insulation makes a superior choice for home insulation because of its high R-value. R-value refers to how efficiently the insulation can repel heat. In this instance, spray insulation in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas can reduce power bills because the insulation lessens the workload placed on the HVAC system and thus helps to improve the heating and cooling of your home.

Flexible Use

If you remodel an old home, your contractor will soon discover inconsistencies in the square and level of walls, floors and ceilings. To combat this frustrating issue, you can choose spray foam because of its flexibility in use. Because of the material’s ability to form into any shape, it fits into uneven cracks and tiny breaks in the room’s surface, making it a fantastic insulation product solution for use in irregular walls, attics, floors and roofs. Moreover, it works equally well in new structures built accurately to square and level.

Many homeowners choose spray insulation to protect their homes because of its benefits of eliminating excess interior moisture buildup, excellent R-value, and ability to work on uneven surfaces.

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