4 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Shine

If your kitchen is looking a bit dull and dingy, then it’s time to spruce it up and make it shine. There are several ways you can do this depending on your ambition and your budget. Read on for a few ideas.


You might start with your cabinets. Even if you can’t afford to replace them, you can still upgrade them. Paint them a fresh shade, or stain them darker or lighter depending on your design and tastes. Change out hardware, too, and add some lightening under the top cabinets. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could create an island or sideboard or put up some trim or crown molding.


Upgraded countertops are another way to make your kitchen shine. For something extra special, try granite or quartz countertops Pittsburgh PA. You could also redo your old countertops using special paint, tiles or even contact paper. Just be sure to follow instructions carefully and use the right tools and sealants.


If your appliances are looking old and shabby, you could replace them if you have enough money in the budget, especially if they are no longer working very well. If you can’t afford new appliances, though, work with the ones you already have. Special appliance paint allows you to change the color of your current appliances. You can also purchase magnetic stainless panels that transform the look of your appliances in a few minutes. If you really want to get creative, assemble picture collages for your refrigerator or use washi tape to construct patterns and designs.


Finally, you can upgrade your kitchen by changing up your decor. Purchase some new decorative items to add color and interest to your countertops. Hang bright towels on your oven or refrigerator doors. Buy new chair cushions and a tablecloth for your kitchen table. Hang up some new artwork, too, or upgrade your light fixtures.

You might choose to spend a lot or a little on your kitchen, but in either case, you can make it shine.

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