Five Best DIY Office Ideas

Our offices are like our second homes and having different stuff cluttered all over can derail our productivity. With more property owners trying to maximize profits at the expense of space, office tenants find it hard to store their work materials safely and securely. However, as mentioned by sites such as, some property owners have identified simple solutions that help tenants create space by providing simple solutions to creating more space for their office. Nonetheless, de-cluttering these materials can be simple once you identify some office tricks. Below are five DIY tips on how to de-clutter your office and ultimately organize your office.

Consider Going Wireless

One of the worst ways to organize your office is to have wires lying around. Not only can it be dangerous but it can also create an illusion that your office is filled. Also, by reducing visual litter, you end up reducing office stress; hence improving productivity. If your office doesn’t have a slot where you can hide them, then you could probably clip them against a desk edge. In case you do so, consider labeling each with a piece of paper and gluing it around the cable. This will help you identify which wires you disconnect. Alternatively, you could also go wireless and have all your office equipment connected through Bluetooth.

Hot Glue Stack Mason Jars

Most people after using mason jars tend to throw them out as garbage without considering the fact that they could recycle them and use them as DIY projects to reduce office spaces. According to Lifehack, you can hot glue five stack mason jars together, and once they are dry, you can use them to place simple stuff such as pens. Additionally, you can also use some to place work receipts.

Install a Pegboard To Handles The Small Stuff

When your office is small, consider taking advantage of your wall. You can build a simple pegboard and place pins inside it. This will help you place simple materials such as scissors, keys, and tapes. Other simple and yet fashionable ideas are building honeycomb shelves. They are usually hexagonal, and the number can vary with intended use.

Pin Shoe Boxes To Create A Book Cabinet

What if I told you there is a simple way that you can use to create a simple book cabinet? Most shoe boxes are made of hard materials; thus, can be used to carry a substantial amount of heavy products. However, you can use them to de-clutter your desk and store magazines and books. To achieve this, you simply pin these shoe boxes together in a way that looks like cardboard; thus, allowing you to store books, mails and other materials. Alternatively, you can also pin knitted baskets on a book rack’s edge. This will help reduce litter around your desk.

Consider Going Paperless

According to business insider, several apps can help you reduce paper clutter in your office. You can use these apps to take notes and sync them with your email and cloud, hence reducing paper litter and messy offices. However, if paperless technology doesn’t cut it for you, you could always use a stylistic pad that helps you note down every important detail of your day.

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