Are You Missing a Fireplace? Add One With These 3 Steps

Many newer homes have plenty of space, creating flex use with wide-open rooms. This style is excellent for young families who haven’t decided what they want. Owners have time to enjoy the home, learning about their style and interests.

However, builders often forgo the old-fashioned fireplace because the rooms remain flexible. In some states, it probably lacks a lot of use, especially when warmer temperatures dominate. But owners may miss the comfy feeling and look of the mantel. Is it too late? Nope. Add a fireplace to your home with these four steps.

  1. Add an Outlet

Your best is to install an electric fireplace unit. These come in various options and are available online and within stores. They rely on a space heater on the bottom to provide warmth, and electric flames create the ambiance. You need an outlet that handles the electrical power, so find a residential and commercial electrician Hopewell VA who can add an extra circuit to your wall.

  1. Find a Contractor

Buy a simple mantle online, but you may want to look for a woodworking contractor to improve the build. Search online to find a design you like, and ask about the cost and materials. Get an estimate and determine if you’re ready to follow through. There are many different styles! Be sure to look through the options before making a final decision.

  1. Pick Out Your Insert

If you’re using a contractor, you should find a fireplace insert. This device slides into the buildout. You can pull it out if it breaks, and you could easily replace it with a new one. Various manufacturers focus on specific styles. You could have something smooth and modern. You might want something that closely mimics the older wood versions. Some products offer safety protection features, and some even have remotes to control the flame color, size and sound.

You may be able to add a fireplace to your home. Consider an electrical option and work with professionals to create a plan that pleases you!

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