How to Pass your Real Estate Test on the First Try in North Carolina

Real estate is a lucrative field with handsome remuneration for those who are good at it. It also offers one with the potential to grow and expand their careers. However, before becoming a broker or agent, one has to pass the real estate test – which often, is the hardest part.

Passing your real estate test is a critical step to getting your real estate license and becoming a broker or agent. It may sound easy, but more than half of all applicants don’t pass the exam on their first attempt. This shows you how tricky it can be, and why preparation is essential before sitting for the test.

The North Carolina real estate broker exams feature two kinds of questions: real estate broker national questions and state-specific questions. The test has a total of 110 queries, and you must answer 82 of the 110 correctly to pass. Keep in mind that you only have four hours to do this exam.

Daunting? No worries. Here is an in-depth look at how you can pass your real estate test on the first try:

Focus on your real estate exam prep material

As you may have realized, you have too much stuff to cover to pass a real estate exam.  This can be overwhelming, especially since you won’t know what to focus much of your time on and what not to. Using North Carolina real estate exam prep can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you know which areas need improvement. The idea is to keep changing your prep tests to familiarize yourself with the question variations and different wordings. Concentrating on your weak areas will make passing the real exam much less overwhelming.

Study with a group

If you find it hard to study alone, you can call a friend or friends with similar goals as yours so that you can work together. Two heads are better than one. Studying in a group will help you cover more material and also create an atmosphere of accountability. You can also ask friends who have already passed the test for help and advice.

Use a professional real estate study guide

When studying for your license exam, you don’t have to try and come up with your own formulas. It’s much easier to work with real estate prep study guide as it will give you so much insight within a short amount of time. Real estate course is comprehensive; it’s almost impossible to study every aspect. But with a study guide, you’ll cut out the noise and only focus on things that matter.

Take time to prepare

Just like any other exam, real estate test requires adequate preparation. Come up with a study plan and set short term (weekly or monthly) goals to help prepare yourself for the exam. As the wise men say failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Read every word

While taking the exams, be sure to read every word. This may sound trivial or obvious, however, in timed multiple choice test, misreading or missing one word is not uncommon, yet it can make a big difference.

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