Twelve Tips on How to Sell a House Quickly and Profitably

A very important aspect is the price. Realtors and buyers, when they find a good option, start thinking and acting faster. Thereby you will save time and nerves, if you miss long price manipulations.

The first impression is the strongest. Make attractive not only the house itself, but also the territory around it. It can be planting flowers, painting the front door, repairing the fence or replacing the mailbox. Potential buyers form an opinion about the house at a time when they notice it.

Update the interior and exterior. New lamps, fresh colors and planting new plants in the courtyard. Everything is pretty easy and affordable, so that your house is transformed.

Clean up all the trash and excess furniture. The less things in the house, the better it will look. You can hire a cleaning company to do better cleaning.

All chandeliers and lamps should be with working lamps. For the time of survey, it is better to put more powerful bulbs. In the human subconscious, darkness is a threat to his life and health, so poorly lit places create a feeling of dislike.

Remove family photos, religious objects and political symbols. Remove all children’s drawings and magnets from the refrigerator. You want to present to potential buyers not yourselves and your family, but the house.

Repair all that is broken. Cracks in the window glass do not bother you, but it gives the impression that the homeowner is not careful in maintaining the house.

Create an image of a comfortable and rational home. If you have rooms without an obvious role, you need to come up with it. For example, a large niche in the kitchen can be an office or a pantry, and a room in the attic is a gym. If there is no garage in the house, mention should be made of the convenience of storing winter tires in some of the closets.

Be ready to show the house at any time. The more flexible you are to the visits of potential buyers; the more people will be able to see your home. Be ready to greet visitors early in the morning, late at night and on weekends.

Go away when the house is shown with the thought: “I want to sell my house fast“, give the opportunity to potential buyers to imagine that they live in this house and do not hesitate to peek into the cabinets without feeling unbidden guests. Leaving the house, you also give them the freedom to honestly discuss all the pros and cons, without worrying about offending the seller.

Remove your pets. In addition, hide their attributes, such as dog bowls, cat litter, leashes, etc. Eliminate unpleasant odors. The sense of smell is just as important as the vision that influences decision making. Before taking visitors, you should wipe the floor, wash the washbasins and toilet bowls and ventilate the rooms. Erroneous is the opinion that the smell of delicious food or expensive perfume will not disturb viewing. In fact, any smell causes a person’s own associations, and this you cannot control. Therefore, the house should smell fresh. Good luck in this responsible and difficult business!

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