Where To Host Your Next Family Reunion

Do you look forward to your yearly family reunion? If you love catching up with family members from far and wide, but don’t necessarily look forward to meeting at a park every year, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. While your aunt may have put together some games, doing the same thing every year gets old. Here are some fun places you can hold your next reunion at.


Instead of creating activities to do, why not go somewhere that already has something to see. A zoo is a unique place for your family to spend time meandering around the sights while chatting and catching up. You could even meet at a city that no one has been to before, so the zoo is new to everyone.

If you want to do something extra fun and make family members easy to identify, consider creating special family reunion shirts that everyone can wear. Plus, it’s a souvenir that will continually remind them of the fantastic family reunion.


Visiting the beach is always a great option in the summer. Plus, you have a lot of room to spread out, which could be perfect if you have an extra-large family. Your family could stay in hotels nearby or old orchard beach cottages for rent.

When planning games, you could bring sand toys and hold a contest for making the best sandcastle. You could also play ladder toss or horseshoes. You want to focus on games that are still a lot of fun but don’t require much stuff to be played.


If your family loves the wilderness, consider going camping for your next reunion. You can rent group campsites that can sometimes fit multiple RVs and tents. What you want to look for when finding a site for your reunion is that you will have multiple tables for meal prep and eating and that you’ll have enough space for everyone to park. Some group campsites limit the number of cars allowed on-site, so it would be helpful to know how many cars there will be ahead of time.

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